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Theo Van Mullem

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07/29/15 07:33 PM #1    

Nelle Miley

Loved playing Bridge with Theo.  I would like to know what happened.  I heard that he passed before our 5th reunion.

07/30/15 12:25 PM #2    

Lowell Levin

I first met Theo was in summer of 1966 before the regular fall semster started at ETHS freshman year.  With Mr. Dell'Aria who was the mentor.  Later Theo was in my Adaptive PE classes from then until Graduation in 1970.  His other after classes activtiies one was managed the Junior and Senior Wrestling Teams.  I heard of the death years ago when I do not know.   Good person I knew then.

07/30/15 03:13 PM #3    

Ellen Rostker

I too was friendly with him and remained in contact with him for several years after graduation. Coincidentally, in 1979, I moved into an apartment on Howard Street in the building where he had lived and where his parents helped out with the building.  Just after New Years Day, in 1980, I believe, I was on the El riding to work when I read that he had been killed, I think on New Years Day, when his car crashed into a light pole--I remember police being at the building that day but not knowing why until seeing the article.  I think my recollection is correct, and I know I moved into that apartment in August of 79 so I think I have the year correct too.

08/01/15 07:16 AM #4    

Arthur E. Eisenberg

I remember Theo from Dawes School. I believe he died when a drunken driver hit him in Wheeling. He was a great friend growing up.

08/01/15 08:40 AM #5    

Nelle Miley

Thank you so much for the info. I looked for him at our first reunion only to find his name in the "in memorizing" page. I really appreciate knowing what happened. Thanks

08/18/15 11:43 AM #6    

William Wandel

As his locker partner back in the day, I too was saddened by his passing. It must have been devastating for his parents as he was their only child.

08/19/15 12:51 PM #7    

Ellen Rostker

William--For some reason, I thought he had a sister.  Maybe I am remembering incorrectly.

08/19/15 03:11 PM #8    

Jane Hurst (Velez)

Theo was in my confirmation class in eighth grade at First Pres. Church in Evanston.  I always thought he was so handsome.  I remember the Sunday School teacher asking him how to pronounce his name, and him saying, "Either way.  People pronounce it Theo, but people who are really close to me call me Tao."  I was so saddended to hear that he died. Even though we weren't close friends, it really bothered me a lot because he seemed like such a nice guy. I am glad to finally know what happened.

08/23/15 07:01 PM #9    

Myron (Ron) Berger

I also remember Theo (pronounced Tao), mostly during grade school and junior high school.  He and his family were from Holland.  I recall that he had at least one sister.  She wore dutch clog wooden shoes ( ), a long floral folk style dress with sleeves, and a bonnet. I believe his mother wore similar clothes. The whole family was kind, soft spoken, attractive, and blond. I heard about Theo's untimely death about 35 years ago.

08/24/15 11:28 AM #10    

William Wandel

Ellen, you are correct. I should have said their only son. I do remember that he had a sister. It was tragic how young he was when he died. I have trouble believing that there are almost 100 of us that have passed.

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