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Victor Affinati

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10/22/19 08:32 PM #1    

Chip (Alban) Weber

Classmate through grade school (Saint Athanasius) and into high school.  Good guy.  Hoped we had more of his friends leaving some words behind. Met up several times before leaving for college.

11/05/19 08:55 PM #2    

James Wolinski

Vic and I were teammates on the ETHS track team for 4 years.  Great guy, fast, and tough as nails!


11/06/19 11:17 AM #3    

Michael Schieber

Vic and I were friends since kinnergarten. As we got older and into high school we didn't do much together, but always friends. I remember going to his house as kids, and his parents and sister were very nice. His mom was a stay at home mom, like most of them were in those days. He was the 1st friend I had whose family got a console color tv with remote! Going over to his house and seeing that, really stuck out in my memory to this day! Because, until then, tv's were only b & w, and any time you wanted to make any change, you had to git up and walk over to it!   LoL 

What was more impressive to me, about this new fangled tv, was his parents were not wealthy. And the family lived in a small, quaint home on Grant St., so to see them be the first for this, impressed me even more, at 8 yrs. old or so?

And Vic learned those hard working attributes from his parents, and went on to college, and I believe even became a PHD himself, if I remember correctly. Too bad he passed at such a relatively young age, because I'm sure he was positively influencing many.

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